AWESOME mushroom!

This is the COOLEST mushroom ever! The gnomes are scheming a way to steal this. Handmade by a process called 'felting', not sure what that is but you can see more of Laura Jane's work here. A humble request goes out to Laura Jane to make a felt yeti and post a picture. Aaauuuugh!!



Gnomes rock out on the yeti tundra. Download an animated gif here.


Hypnotic Gnome

Click the picture below to commence hypnotization.
or you can post it on your website or send it as a gnome-O-gram or just stare at it for hours.

New Contest Entrant

BraceFaceResponds vs Bear!


Wenrog Yeti

virtualwenwrog is one of the first people I subscribed to on youtube. You should too!

Yeti Kid

A big AUUUUUUUGGGHH! to this kid. He's funny.


Gnome Ex

Got gnome problems? Call Gnome-Ex!



Does Bigfoot's fleas have Big Feet?


Big Footed Gnome

Gnome of the day

1st response

The 'grapejuice comment' guy went all out. Best ones are "gotta to to the bathroom" and "stayin' alive". Keep drinking your grapejuice dude. Aaaauuuggggghhh.


Yeti Contest

Video you best Yeti or Gnome impression and reply to this video. Winner gets a Yeti wall clock.

Special to this blog only...funniest comment or best Idea for a yeti cartoon gets a 'Horton Hears a Who' Calendar.

Gnome of the Day

Gnome and Bee