Story Board

This is an upcoming episode.

Before each cartoon is made a storyboard is drawn. Sometimes during the animation a new idea comes up and the idea is changed a bit.

Inspiration for Yeti vs Gnome comes from many sources. When I heard some Hawaiian music I thought of the Hawaiian episode. My niece suggested this dart Idea.


Hawaiian Holiday

Relax and enjoy the beach. Aaauuuggghhh!


cool fan art

This cool drawing is from youtube user newzikiwi.
To all yetivsgnome fans: More art Please! Come up with the weirdest gnome, the funniest yeti or whatever! We'll post it here. AAuuugghh!


Yeti Noir

Maybe the next episode? Aaauuuggghh!


Yeti Faces

Name the various faces of Yeti. Auuugghhh!