Yeti Faces

Name the various faces of Yeti. Auuugghhh!


Anonymous said...

bottom left, 'feed me' face

Matter said...

Hey yeti, ya I CAN make a felted gnome for you, I love the series, and the film with the polar bear is in production and I'm trying to get Don Carlson (pram maven) to narrate the story, he'll probally surely do the job I just know he's buisy with his many moving films! Besides that the new movie will be out soon and other tests will be out even sooner! you'll see felt in action!

The yeti faces are also sweet, you should make a gnome sheet, HA! that would be SWEET!


AWSOME said...

From left to right:

"and for my next trick..."
Yeit's head hurts
"ook ow ong ma tung gis!!"
yeti left his wallet at the gnomes house
yeti wishes he had arms
"oh oh, pick me for the next yetivsgnome video!!!!"

Did I get the answers right!!!